Rental First Choice  
Terms Of Use
  • Minimum age 21 years.
  • Valid Kuwaiti, GCC or International Driving  license.
  • Valid major credit card.
  • Valid identification document :  civil ID or passport.
  • Acknowledgement by singing on Rental Agreement
  • Renter must abide by local traffic laws applied in regional territory of State of Kuwait
  • In case of the rental period was less then 24 hours, Rental fees will be charged as one full day rate.
  • Renter must report to EcoRent of any accident  and theft case within 24 hours of occurrence.

*All terms and conditions are subject to be changed or modified without prior notice.

We Accept Major Credit Cards
  • Renter must present a valid credit card showing the exact name on the holder’s ID and  matches  renter’s on the rental agreement.
  • Credit card must bear holder signature at the back.
  • We accept the following Credit Cards: Master Card - Visa